Tired of fad diets and exhausting workouts?

Jealous of skinny friends who can eat and eat?

It's time to try Cryo-Slim™!

Tired of fad diets and exhausting workouts?
Jealous of skinny friends who can eat and eat?

How Cryo-Slim™ is Used

Simply pull the Cryo-Slim™ reusable wrap out of the freezer and apply for 20 minutes a day. Wear it while you read, or watch your favorite show. Wear it while catching up on household chores. Either way, you’ll be helping to activate those brown fat cells into burning calories and changing the way your body looks.

  • Just 20 minutes per day
  • Use at your leisure
  • Safe and easy
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'Flipping The Switch' on Fat!

Laboratory researchers at the world’s finest universities have been able to “flip the switch” on weight loss! How? The secret is brown fat cells. New research confirms that thin people have more ‘brown fat’ cells than others and this ‘brown fat’ is the key to staying slim! Unlike normal white fat cells that simply store fat, brown fat cells burn fat as energy, like a furnace.

In a Breakthrough discovery, Researchers have found a way to turn white fat cells into brown fat cells using Cryotherapy, applied cold exposure. Wearing the Cryo-Slim™ wrap for as little as 20 minutes a day can have a profound effect on your body’s metabolism.



How Does Cryo-Slim™ Work?

Brown fat has long been known to exist in infants and other young mammals but until recently scientists thought it disappeared before human adulthood, leaving only the white fat that’s associated with weight gain. New studies show that Brown fat cells, which are turned on when people get cold, burn fat from the rest of the body to fuel itself. The more brown fat cells you have, the thinner you are. So, how do you get more brown fat cells ... by using Cryo-Slim™!

Cryo-Slim™ is specially designed to activate brown fat cells in the only area of the body that they exist, your upper back , neck and shoulders. No need to stand out in the cold or take an icy shower!



The Science of Cryotherapy

Well exciting New research suggests you can lose weight AND change your body’s composition simply by using Cryo-Slim™ - a safe, proven way to turn your unwanted white fat cells into energy burning brown fat cells!

  • No more fad diets
  • No more expensive exercise equipment
  • No chemicals or supplements

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